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Peña Castañeda, Carlos Andrés

Temat: Quantum mechanical model of quarkonium production in heavy ion collisions
In this work we considered a complex time dependent quantum-harmonic oscillator model (THO) for studying the role of static screening and absorption/regeneration kinetics for the quarkonium time evolution. We showed that the THO model can describe the behavior of the measured J/ψ yield over the expected Cold Nuclear Matter effects RAA /R(CNM) as a function of the multiplicity dNch /dη. When apply it to the case of InIn data from NA60 collaboration a peculiar pattern called “wiggle” appears. Besides the model predicts an imaginary part for the QQbar potential necessary for the description of the LHC data. We examined whether this pattern can be associated with a new resonance X(3872) formed by the broadening of ρ-meson in a strong correlated quark gluon plasma (sQGP). Our hypothesis was tested with a quark exchange potential for the channel J/ψ + ρ → DDbar∗ . An imaginary part for the QQbar self-energy arises due to the X(3872) is near the threshold of the incoming and outgoing two-mesons. Further development of this hypothesis is in progress and being apply to the bottomonium system.
Data wszczęcia przewodu: 2012-01-10 00:00
Data nadania stopnia: 2013-06-25 00:00
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