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A special ECTS course on “Business Information and Research”.

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm that serves as an adviser to many businesses, governments and institutions. It is recognized as one of the most prestigious (management) consulting companies in the world. The course is intended for all students of the University of Wrocław. It will provide, via a combination of theoretical sessions, exercises and case studies, an introduction to business problem solving, including various tools and techniques, output structuring, communication and presentation of the results. The applicants should submit a resume, a cover letter stating their interests and motivation, and a transcript of records to Janusz Szwabiński at szwabin@ift.uni.wroc.pl. The application deadline is Tuesday, September 25th at 12pm. Course enrollment is limited to 20 participants. The class will meet 3h every week from October to December. The course will finish with an exam. Prospective candidates will be invited to an interview at McKinsey & Company premises in Wrocław in the first week of October. The course is supported by the Operational Programme Human Capital within the National Strategic Reference Framework. Please contact Janusz Szwabiński at szwabin@ift.uni.wroc.pl for more information.
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